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Home User

If you are a home user we value your business very much. PCs Unlimited initially started in business by selling refurbished IBM PS2’s to students and homes. This opened many doors for us, we gained many business customers through word of mouth.

This market is very important and with the home now having multiple devices and centralised storage for music, movies and pictures etc its important that your requirements are catered for.

If you have a hardware / software problem or worried about your backups. Maybe that new speaker wont talk to your Windows machine. Maybe you don’t have a backup ! Maybe your email has stopped working after upgrading to Windows 10. Maybe you are on Windows XP. Maybe you have just spent the last 3 hours trying to get your printer to print….. call us, we will help.

Sometimes a problem can be fixed remotely but if a site visit is required then our prices are very reasonable with a discount if you are a retired person.

If the problem is more serious such as a hard drive failure and requires the unit to be removed for repair we can offer a fixed price labour charge so there are no nasty surprises.

PC / Mac / Android / Windows whatever your device, whatever your problem we can help. Call us for a chat to see how we can help.